I'm Robin.

a web designer.

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I'm an IT - Software Development graduate...a self-taught Graphic Designer and an aspiring Video Game Developer. I also do Sketches as a freelance hobby.

My Skills.



I always believed that i had a creative mind. So doing digital design work like web and graphic designing has been a passion of mine for a while now. I've gained some experience over the years designing concept websites, as well as designing logo's, posters and a variety of cards etc for myself and for those who needed my services.



Since the day i left high school i've been fascinated in developing my own apps and potential video games. That's why i chose to study IT-Software Development & Computer Science at College and Varsity. I've ganied some experience in the app development process, when i created my first mobile game called "Fly Barry, Fly" and published it to the android PlayStore.

Get In Touch

If you're interested in hiring me, or you have a similar passion as me.

Consider getting in touch. Who knows? i might just be the greatest asset to your company or the person that'll join you in making that dream app a reality.

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